Over Three Decades of  Experience

Do you own a significant amount of property, assets or wealth? Are you a business owner? Or, do you have a blended family with children from a previous marriage or from your spouse’s previous marriage? While estate planning is essential for asset protection and ensuring that your assets and property are distributed according to your wishes, the thought of creating a sound and legally enforceable estate plan can be overwhelming when your situation is more complex than the average person’s.

When your assets are significant or you have a unique situation, you will require a unique estate plan. Insight Estate Planning can simplify this process and carefully establish an estate plan that ensures that your goals will be met, both for your hard-earned assets and property, and for your loved ones.

Insight’s Attorney Randolph D. Wolfson has over 33 years of experience helping clients with the intricate process of complex estate planning, and often helps business owners, those with family businesses, as well as blended families with their unique estate planning needs. Insight can assist by preparing custom premarital agreements, family limited partnerships, special needs planning for disabled loved ones, business planning, charitable planning and any other type of planning documents. We have extensive experience and training assisting clients with large families, blended families, family businesses and many others who require unique or complex estate planning strategies.

If you own a business, Insight can provide you with the business succession strategies needed to preserve the value of your business and transfer management or ownership when the time is right.  Moreover, successful business owners and executives frequently require more complex estate plans in order to protect themselves and their loved ones from taxation or excessive probate fees. When you’ve worked long and hard over the years to grow a business or sizable estate, it’s important that you take every measure to protect your assets when you’re gone.

Use the right tools for the job

If you have a significant amount of property, wealth or assets, or a unique situation, you’re going to need a competent estate planning attorney by your side working diligently to preserve and maximize your estate, while minimizing the tax consequences upon your beneficiaries.  We always ensure that the tools we use provide maximum benefit and protection to your children, grandchildren and other loved ones.

With large estates, we utilize a variety of tools when creating complex estate plans, some of which include: custom revocable trusts, insurance trusts, specialized irrevocable trusts, private foundations, business succession planning, multi-generational planning, charitable trusts, corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and asset protection trusts.  For those who are able to afford to do so, we also can provide plans that utilize a Nevada Third Party Irrevocable Trust [a BDIT] coupled with ownership in a captured insurance company created to provide the best of all worlds: superior asset protection, lawful tax avoidance benefits and increased beneficiary control.

You’ve worked hard all your whole life to accumulate wealth; with our help you can make wise choices that will work, and we can guide you through every step of the planning process. Contact the estate planning attorney from our firm today at (602) 357-3456.

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