Member of WealthCounsel(tm)

Randolph D. Wolfson, Esq., founder and managing attorney for Insight Estate Planning Excellence, PLLC™ is a member of Wealth Counsel,™ an organization focused upon equipping probate and estate planning attorneys to provide their legal services with excellence..

Proper estate planning is a key to a better life. Clients, their families, and even the professionals who are helping with the process all need to be current in the law and its practice in order to make wise decisions that will be of benefit to you in the future.  Wealth Counsel™ is the only professional practice development company that works hard to deliver a complete system of tools and a set of professional resources to all lawyers who are members of the Counsel.  Thousands of Estate Planning Attorneys, C.P.A.s and Financial Planners cooperate through Wealth Counsel™ list servers to exchange and communicate each day about leading edge approaches to solving problems and creating new ways to handle the problems and ever changing issues that arise in estate planning.

Wealth Counsel™ also provides continuing education for attorneys members. The organization provides drafting software packages for members. All programs by The Counsel are all aimed at helping professionals achieve their goals.  Wealth Counsel™ was established in 1997 and has grown to include thousands of estate planning professionals. It is now recognized as a leader in the industry.

Wealth Counsel™ equips all of its members to continue to create a thriving, efficient, and profitable practice.  This enables them to change client’s lives for the better.  Attorneys who truly care about growing their services to become better and better commit to working with the Wealth Counsel.™  Attorney Randolph D. Wolfson, Esq. is an active member of Wealth Counsel™ for that exact reason. His passion for continually learning the best and leading edge practices in the area of estate planning and asset protection is demonstrated by his commitment to his association with Wealth Counsel.™   This commitment will benefit you as you work through your particular estate planning, business creations and asset protection case with Insight Estate Planning Excellence.