fish A common misperception is that estate planning is about planning for your death. Estate planning is so much more than just planning for after your death.

Who you are, what has been important to you over your life’s span, protecting your heritage can also be planned for your family.  Sure, Estate Planning should include the making of a plan in advance and naming who it is you want to receive the things you own after you die.  But, it should also include provisions you should design in the event that you, spouse or loved one become disabled before death.  Moreover, decisions about what medical and other services should be provided for you in the case of your incapacity needs planning too.  You need to  consider naming who it is that shall make decisions for your needs while incapacitated and that takes careful planning.

As an active member of The WealthCounsel community, Mr. Wolfson is not only regularly trained in the most current legal devices to preserve and protect your assets, he is associated with the thousands of estate planning  attorneys, business planning attorneys, financial planning professionals, and CPAs committed to an interdisciplinary, client-focused approach.

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We offer clients a person-centered, individual approach in the design and crafting or each estate, asset protection and legacy preservation plan that it creates. The firm provides Services for the evaluation, drafting and tailoring of wills, simple and complex trusts; Asset protection evaluation and drafting, and Legacy preservation drafting and techniques.

The firm’s range of services also include:  General, Limited and Financial Power of Attorney documentation, Advanced Medical Directives, HIPPA authorization documentation and Medical Power of Attorney documents and Trust Administration after the death of the trust Grantors.

We also provide business creation services for  Arizona Corporations, L.L.C.s, PLLCs, Partnerships, Employment agreements, Leases, Buy/Sell Agreement and Other business related legal services.

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